Month: February 2019

Thank You For Your Support

Alex Timpson Trust Collection Tin

Thank You

The Alex Timpson Trustees would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the trust over the last 12 months.

In total you have helped to raise an amazing £500,000 from collection tins ,  FREE jobs, sponsored events and raffles.

We have been truly blown away with their generosity!

As a result of the fundraising we are able to offer 
A Guide to Attachment

Author – John Timpson

A total of 150,786 FREE books , which we have donated to customers, schools or agencies. Helping us to raise awareness of attachment.

As a result 66 foster families have enjoyed a FREE holiday, which in turn has given an amazing 33,600 hours of lasting memories to more than 200 children.

Further more, we have been able to difference to the lives of 1000’s of children and their families by supporting other deserving causes, initiatives and charities, including Freedom Fostering, Northwest Academies, Deseignability, ARC, SANDS, National Literacy Trust,  Northern Ireland Childrens Hospice, ISPCC,  and The Rees Centre.

The trustees appreciate your donations and look forward to helping more children to shine during  2019.

Once again would like to say thank you.



Child Rescue Alert

Business Announcement

Timpson Ltd are delighted to announce that we will be supporting the campaign to raise awareness of  ‘Child Rescue Alert’ . And as a result all our branches have placed a Child Rescue Alert poster in their window.

Missing Children

When a missing child’s life is in danger every second counts. Statistics show the initial hours after a child is abducted are crucial. Therefore, sightings by a member of the public as early as possible can lead to the safe recovery of the child.

Child Rescue Alert is the potentially lifesaving system that directly involves members of the public in the search for missing children. The system lets the public know of an abduction or other a high risk child disappearances and enlists their help to find them.

The Golden Hours

The six hours following a child’s disappearance, known as the ‘golden hours’, are critical to the police investigation. The sooner the public is alerted, the greater the chances are of a child’s safe return.

If your child went missing, wouldn’t you want the whole world to stop and look for them?

How it works

  • When the police believe a missing child is in danger of serious harm or death, the alert is activated.
  • Once issued, the alert is immediately sent to thousands of people.
  • Missing people build a national network of people ready to receive information the moment an alert is issued.
  • By registering, you can expect to receive up to 12 alerts a the year

You won’t receive any unnecessary notifications, just those that are absolutely necessary to help reunite a vulnerable child with their loved ones.

For more information or to register for alerts today, just text HERO and your postcode to 85080 or register by following the link to