Month: October 2019

New Starter Of The Year 2019

Every year each of our Area Teams are asked to put forward their nominations for New Starter of the Year.

Our National and Regional Training Managers then visit each Area’s nominee to select their regional champions based on their skills, attitude, ambitions and personality. 

Head Judge Peter Harris then visits all 10 of the finalists before we announce the winners. This year Peter covered over 3000 miles in less than 2 weeks to visit everyone!

It was a tough call this year as everyone visited was fantastic in their own way, which made it very difficult for the judges to decide on each brand’s winner.

Our 1st Place Winners will receive:

  • £500 tax free prize
  • The legacy trophy to hold for 1 year
  • A replica Trophy to keep
  • Bottle of Champagne 
  • A place on our Honours Board

Our 2nd Place Runner ups will receive:

  • £250 tax free prize 
  • A Trophy to keep

Our 3rd Place Runner ups will receive:

  • £150 tax free prize
  • A Trophy to keep

The Winners Are!

Timpson Winner

Alec Chambers 

Alec  joined Timpson in at the deep end in December in Stevenage and hasn’t looked back. He has taken to watch repairs and hopes to be able to do the hot seat at our Wolverhampton excellence centre soon. He always acknowledges the queue and describes his passion for engaging with his customers as the ‘pageantry’ of Timpson.

Max Winner 

Jamie Beglin 

Jamie got the job with Max through helping a colleague use Photoshop even better, while he was a customer! The job came at a perfect for him and he’s moved south to run Aberdeen Tesco and you can tell all his customers enjoy the banter, joined now eloquently by his own trainee Sueb. 

MoJo Winner 

Karl Brennan 

Karl helped out a friend on a MoJo refit which led to a job offer he couldn’t turn down: I met him in Morrison, he is now part of the area team and busy installing the iSnaps across the area and about to run his first Simply Amazing Course. He talks with everyone and seems to brighten their day.

Congratulations to all of our winners and runners up!



Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate all our colleagues working in branches raising money for and also those who are organising events to raise money for The Alex Timpson Trust.

It is a really special moment when you can make someone put their hard earned money into a charity tin! Whether this is by telling the customer about the incredible things we do and what we support or if it’s by taking the time doing a free job and suggesting they pop what they can into the tin, either way, thank you.

As most of you will know, we provide free holiday homes for foster families and have recently sent out the allocations, here are just some of the amazing responses we have had from those who have been successful:

“I want to take the time to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this holiday. After a really difficult week this has completely wowed and cheered us! We can’t wait to tell the kids closer to the time! Your support of foster carers is so appreciated, thank you all!”

“My little boy wrote the application if you remember. What you did not know was that he has not written anything for 3 years. He has not been in mainstream education as he is anxious about getting things wrong and feels immense shame. Letters and handwriting is his hardest. We have been able to give him praise for his writing winning us a holiday, so thank you for the confidence boost.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our little family to receive a holiday, the children are very excited. I am sure they will make magical memories.”

We are able to continue to provide these holiday homes due to you and your efforts, thank you.

This week you have raised £8,366.66


We also get involved with local schools, currently some of our colleagues in Timpson House are due to start mentoring at a local school, this is just an hour or so a week but what that means to that young person is invaluable.


Last of All

Some of you may have already received John’s latest book on Mental Health, if you have please feel free to give us your feedback.

Here is all the information about the Mental Health book if you would like it.