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James Timpson to Chair the Prison Reform Trust

From April 2016 James Timpson OBE is to chair the Prison Reform Trust. Named recently as one of the Sunday Times’ Britain’s 500 most influential people, he is well known and respected for his leading role in training, mentoring and employing former prisoners—with 10% of our colleagues recruited directly from prison.

James is currently Chair of the Employers Forum for Reducing Reoffending, a group of likeminded employers who offer a second chance to people with a criminal conviction. EFFRR members actively encourage other employers to recruit ex-offenders and guide businesses along the way to help maximise the success of any placements.

Speaking about his new role, James Timpson said:

“I’m delighted to be joining the Prison Reform Trust’s board and steering a charity with a strong track record of driving policy and practice change. I think everyone recognises that we can’t keep locking up 85,000 people today knowing that hardly any of them will manage to find work and that around 50% of them will be back in again within a year of release. There are currently too many people in prison, and we have a system that seems to keep bringing them back there time and time again—that has to stop.”