"We found £120 on the floor and had an idea it was dropped from a woman who was back in later. The lady came in like nothing was wrong picked up her shoes and we asked if she had lost anything. She said "£120". Straight away she burst into tears after we gave her it back as she thought she had been robbed. She was ecstatic with our honesty".Steph and Aaron - Timpson - Manchester, Halle

Inside Timpson

Our style of Upside Down Management makes Timpson a unique and exciting place to work where priority is given to providing Great Service by Great People.

Working for Timpson

We recruit on personality and are always on the look out for superstars!

  • John Timpson

    At Timpson we prefer initiative to process, shop visits to meetings and no secrets or politics. This makes it a happier place to work.

  • James Timpson

    Being fearful of hiring people with difficult backgrounds is a dated and loss-making concept. We wouldn't be the biggest and best in our field without them.

Timpson People

We recruit on personality






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