"An elderly lady customer dropped off her duvet, unfortunately, she didn't have a phone number to call when it was ready. I told her the collection day, and bless she walked around the day before, so I decided to deliver to the care home reception the next day and let her know."Lee Steele - Johnson's - Amesbury

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Our style of Upside Down Management makes Timpson a unique and exciting place to work where priority is given to providing Great Service by Great People.

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We recruit on personality and are always on the look out for superstars!

  • John Timpson

    At Timpson we prefer initiative to process, shop visits to meetings and no secrets or politics. This makes it a happier place to work.

  • John Timpson

    Being fearful of hiring people with difficult backgrounds is a dated and loss-making concept. We wouldn't be the biggest and best in our field without them.

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We recruit on personality






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