Most of the 84,000 people who are currently in custody will at some point be released back into society. ROTL enables serving prisoners who are coming to end of their sentence to leave prison every day to work in the community. All prisoners who are eligible for ROTL are very carefully risk-assessed and managed to ensure the safety of the public.

We believe ROTL provides people with an essential bridge between custody and release and allows them to prepare for gradual integration back into society. At Timpson, we have many ROTL colleagues who leave prison every morning, complete a day’s work in one of our shops, and return to their cell at the end of their working day.

This scheme has proven a huge success and is a great recruitment avenue. Our branch colleagues build a strong rapport with the individual and offer them support and guidance. Invariably, their transition from custody to the workplace goes smoothly. Many of our ROTL colleagues have gone on to enjoy successful careers with Timpson upon release.