We all recognise it is important we do everything we can to reduce waste, support recycling and look after our planet.

Use Less Polyrobe

We need to look after Customer garments in our shops and on the way home. We already use garment bags for Premier and Priority Customers instead of poly-robe, but ideally, we want everyone to use one. The new design is strong, simple and recyclable, and can be used at least 30 times. It’s been trialled in shops and customers feedback is excellent. We’ll have enough for all the shops in the New Year – remind all of your customers to use them every time they visit!


At the moment all our hangers are made from new plastic. This is changing and all our hangers will be made from recycled plastics. They are just as strong but cheaper (and you can have any colour so long as it’s black). We use over 4 million plastic hangers in our shops so this is a really fantastic green change, rolling into shops in January. We need your help though – tell every customer to bring their hangers back if they don’t need them – re-use them in your shops. Even greener and even cheaper!

Paper Bags

Early next year, we are phasing out most plastic bags and replacing them with paper. This is another huge change; we use 7 million bags a year. Customers have really got into the habits of using less plastic bags so this should be easy for them to get used to; we need to use up what we have but the pape bags will start appearing in shops next year. Of course, we encourage reusing existing plastic bags, even if they aren’t our own.