Timpson is widely recognised as being one of the best employers in the UK. The benefits, training and support our colleagues receive are second to none.

We are renowned in the retail industry and the wider business community as an excellent company to work for and have won many awards in recognition of our commitment to colleagues. We passionately believe helping colleagues achieve a good work/life balance is key to their happiness in the workplace. We are a family business, we understand family dynamics and we treat our colleagues like extended family members.

The benefits tailored training and support our new starters as well as existing colleagues receive is second to none. We expect our colleagues to work hard and in return, we treat them extremely well. Timpson was one of the first businesses in the UK to adopt the National Living Wage, although thanks to our unlimited bonus scheme most of our colleagues earn a lot more than that.

Branch Bonus Scheme
Our weekly bonus scheme is based on branch turnover. It is essentially a share of the branch profits and many of our colleagues can earn two or even three times their basic wage in bonus alone. One of the most popular and widely commented upon benefits is that we give every Timpson colleague an extra day off on their birthday. We believe nobody should have to work on their birthday and we celebrate the ‘big’ ones by sending a bottle of Champagne.








Free Holiday Homes
We also have 10 luxurious holiday homes and lodges at popular locations across the UK and in Europe, which are offered completely free of charge to our colleagues and their families.

Holiday Home Benefits





Wedding Support
When a colleague gets married, we give them a £100 bonus, an extra week off work for their honeymoon and the use of our company limousine and driver for their wedding car. We also have a packed schedule of social events, which include summer BBQs, company football matches, regular nights out and even a Christmas pantomime!

Scratch Cards
We like to reward our colleagues for their hard work and loyalty and often it’s the little things that we know make a big difference. Our senior managers regularly visit our branch colleagues to buy them a coffee and cake or an ice cream on a sunny day. We also regularly reward our colleagues with a unique ‘Timpson Scratch Card’ with instant cash prizes to be won. The lucky ones can even win a meal out paid for by our CEO, James.

£1000 Weekly Lottery
One lucky winner will be selected at random by payroll each week and will receive the money into their nominated bank account. All we ask is for a photo so we can put it in the TGN, and an idea of what you will spend it on.

Bring A Parent To Work Day
This is a brilliant opportunity to show your parents your fantastic workplace.

Stopping Smoking
There will be a £100 incentive for successfully giving up smoking/vaping for at least 6 months subject to your line managers approval.

Charitable Matching
If you are doing a fundraising activity (running a marathon, doing a sponsored silence or shaving your head) for a charity or community cause, we would love to match any funds you raise up to the value of £250.

Driving Lessons For Superstars
If you have at least 1 years service, we will pay up to £250 towards driving lessons.

Pet Bereavement Day
It can be a very difficult time for anybody who loses a beloved pet. Please talk to your area team who are happy to help. Clearly there is a difference between a goldfish and a dog, but we trust you to make the right call.

Mental Health Counsellor
Your wellbeing is extremely important and so from January, we will be engaging Elaine our own Mental Health Counsellor. Elaine comes with a wealth of experience including dependency, anxiety, abuse, depression, self-esteem, loss, physical and mental abuse and for the last 14 years has been working with After Adoption.

Hardship Fund
The Timpson hardship fund allows our colleagues to apply for an interest-free loan, which is usually paid back by a direct deduction from their wages at a small and affordable amount.

Dreams Come True
Our Dreams Come True scheme encourages colleagues to contact James and ask him to literally make their dream come true. To date, we have been pleased to help thousands of our colleagues achieve something they never thought possible. We have paid for colleagues to be reunited with family members abroad, major dental work, driving lessons, funeral expenses and dream weddings in Las Vegas. We even paid for one superfan colleague and his family to visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.





At Timpson, we recognise our best asset is our amazing team of colleagues and that without them, we wouldn’t be the business we are today. That’s why we look after our people and treat them as part of the family.

These are just a few of the many and varied benefits we enjoy giving our colleagues. We like the frivolous stuff, but we also offer loads of practical benefits to help our colleagues manage their busy lives and achieve happiness at home as well as in the workplace. These include:

• FREE use of our holiday homes
• 25% of family and friends discount
• £25 towards new maternity wear wardrobe
• £25 Mothercare voucher on the birth of your baby
• An entire day off for your child’s first-ever day at school.

Health and wellbeing
• FREE flu jabs
• Home visits when you are unwell
• Access to private medical care in certain circumstances
• Discounted legal advice on Wills, accidents, personal injury
• 24-hour access to a FREE and independent counselling helpline for family problems inc. debt/drugs.

• Generous colleague discounts of up to 90%
• Payment options into current and savings accounts
• Interest-free crisis loan for short-term financial help in an emergency
• Mortgage application support by confirming your total earnings to your lender
• Fixed interest rate salary finance loan to help you manage your debts and budgeting help.

Career progression
• Ongoing skills training linked to bonus
• Help with further education relevant to your career
• Expert careers counselling from our Colleague Support team
• Up to £200 available for successfully training apprentices in your branch
• Long service recognised after 1 year. 25 years’ service gift, cheque and lunch at Chairman’s home with your partner.